Media Release

19 May 2008

Australia's Composition of Trade 2007

Australia’s total value of trade in goods and services increased 5 per cent in calendar year 2007 to $454 billion, according to a Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade publication Composition of Trade Australia 2007 released today. In volume terms, total trade rose 7 per cent.

2007 Highlights:

Composition of Trade Australia 2007(COT) provides a comprehensive analysis of the growth, direction and commodity breakdown of Australia's merchandise exports and imports in recent years. The services trade over a five year period is assessed.

The COT is part of a series published each year by DFAT, providing a valuable account of Australia’s international trade in goods and services. DFAT also offers a customised consultancy service, producing reports tailored to specific requirements. For further information please contact (02) 6261 3114, or fax (02) 6261 3321 or email

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