Renewing your passport

Key Points

  • Renewing is a quick and streamlined way to get a new passport
  • You don’t need to fill out a full application form or provide supporting documentation
  • We provide eligible applicants with a one-page renewal form, already filled out.

What you need

When you want to renew your passport, we will provide you with a one page renewal form pre-completed with your personal details, if you are eligible. This pre-completed form streamlines the renewal process.

You do not need to supply any supporting documentation when you lodge your renewal form. However, you will need to provide two suitable colour photographs of yourself that are no more than six months old and present your previous Australian passport. Your previous passport will be physically cancelled.

Obtaining a renewal form

Online – follow the prompts at to obtain a pre-completed renewal form and print it from the screen. You can also ask online for a pre-completed form to be mailed to you.

In Australia – call the Australian Passport Information Service on 131 232 to arrange for a pre-completed renewal form to be mailed to you.

Overseas – contact the nearest Australian diplomatic mission or consulate. The passports staff will mail out a pre-completed renewal form or you can collect it from the mission or consulate.

You should lodge the renewal form in person in Australia at an Australia Post outlet. To find an Australia Post outlet near you which provides passport services, call Australia Post on 131 318 or visit If overseas, contact the nearest Australian diplomatic mission or consulate for details on how to lodge the form.

Who is eligible?

Not everyone is eligible to use the renewal form. In particular, you cannot use it if your previous passport was lost or stolen (you will need to use a full passport application form instead). So before trying to renew, use the following checklists to make sure you are eligible.

You can apply for renewal if:

  • you are an Australian citizen aged 18 years or over, and
  • you hold an Australian adult passport that was issued on or after 1 July 2000, or an Australian child passport that was issued when you were 16 years of age or over on or after 1 July 2005, and
  • your passport was valid for at least two years when issued, and
  • your passport was issued with your current personal details (i.e. name, date of birth, place of birth and sex).

Note: You will need to retain your previous passport and present it when you apply for renewal.

You cannot apply for renewal if:

  • you are not an Australian citizen, or
  • your passport was reported lost or stolen (or cannot be presented), or
  • your passport was issued with a validity of less than two years, or
  • you have changed your name or sex since your previous passport was issued, or
  • your adult passport was issued before 1 July 2000, or
  • your child passport was issued before you were 16 years of age or before 1 July 2005.

Please safeguard your passport

Remember to safeguard your passport at all times. When travelling overseas, it is often the only proof of identity that will be accepted. Please store you passport in the wallet provided to prevent damage. Additional fees apply to replace lost or stolen passports.

Further Information:

For the latest information about passports and copies of our other publications, visit our website, or call the Australian Passport Information Service (APIS) 131 232 in Australia. If you are overseas, contact an Australian diplomatic mission or consulate.

For travel advice and practical information to help you prepare for safe overseas travel, go to


If you are not fluent in English, you can use the Australian Government's Translating and Interpreting Service at your passport interview at no cost. If you need an interpreter or are visually impaired and need general passport information, please call APIS on 131 232

If you are deaf, or have a hearing impairment or speech impairment, contact us through the National Relay Service: TTY users telephone 133 677 and Speak and Listen users telephone 1300 555 727. Ask for APIS on 131 232.

We value your comments

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