Australia Awards

2014/15 Outcome:
$371.2 million

2015/16 Budget Estimate:
$360 million

Australia Awards are prestigious international Scholarships and Fellowships funded by the Australian Government. They offer the next generation of global leaders an opportunity to undertake study, research and professional development in Australia and for high-achieving Australians to do the same overseas.

Australia Awards are a whole of Australian government initiative bringing together Scholarships and Fellowships administered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade; the Department of Education; and the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research. For more information on the Australia Awards visit the whole of Australian government Australia Awards website.

Why we give aid

The Australian Government’s new development policy Australian aid: promoting prosperity, reducing poverty, enhancing stability recognises that tertiary education is an important component of any investment in education. Find out more about the aid policy framework.

Australia Awards, managed by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade contribute to the achievement of development objectives across a range of sectors and are a feature of nearly all of Australia’s bilateral aid programs.

The Australia Awards aim to:

  • build people-to-people linkages at the individual, institutional and country levels
  • develop capacity and leadership skills so that individuals can contribute to development in their home country.

The Australia Awards extend our public diplomacy efforts by prioritising engagement with alumni and Fellowships hosted by Australian institutions, in science, sport, economic management, arts and cultural heritage.

The Australia Awards initiative will, over time, build a new generation of global leaders with strong links to Australia.

How we give aid

Australia Awards offered through Australian aid program consist of Australia Awards Scholarships, Australia Awards Pacific Scholarships, and Australia Awards Fellowships.

There are also a number of supplementary programs associated with Australia Awards Scholarships including the Allison Sudradjat Prize, Hadi Soesastro Psrize and the Australia Awards Leadership Program.

More information, including applicant eligibility criteria can be found at:

To ensure equity and broad participation, the Australian Government encourages women, people with disability, ethnic minorities, people living in rural areas and members of socio-economically disadvantaged groups to apply.

The Australian Government is also developing a global network of alumni to promote ongoing connections between Australia Awards alumni, New Colombo Plan alumni and non-award (private) alumni, as part of increased public diplomacy efforts. Australia Awards Alumni networks facilitate strong and enduring links to Australia. The networks facilitate the ongoing exchange of knowledge and continuing friendships amongst alumni. More information on Alumni Engagement.

In 2014-15 the Australia Awards offered 4322 new awards to recipients from 80 eligible developing countries.

For more information on the Australia Awards and participating countries visit the Australia Awards website.


Australia Awards - empowering leaders for development

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Foreign Minister Julie Bishop with Australia Award recipients at an Australian alumni event at the Residence
Foreign Minister Julie Bishop with Australia Award recipients at an Australian alumni event at the Residence.


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