Delivery partners

The AVID program is implemented by two delivery partners:

These organisations have significant experience in sending and supporting Australians overseas as volunteers with communities in developing countries. Both partners bring expertise, international networks and experience to the program.

Delivery partners are responsible for:

  • planning and developing volunteer assignments in line with Australian Government development priorities for each country
  • selecting, recruiting and mobilising volunteers
  • providing pre-departure briefings to volunteers
  • supporting volunteers once they are on assignment
  • providing de-briefings for volunteers on return to Australia
  • maintaining active alumni networks of returned volunteers.

See where Scope Global and AVI deliver the AVID program

Each volunteer assignment is managed by one of the two delivery partners. A volunteer will be managed by the organisation that is responsible for their particular assignment. The allowances and conditions for each assignment are determined through the AVID program and are standardised across each organisation.

The Australian Red Cross (ARC) in close consultation with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade made the decision to integrate international volunteering within its broader humanitarian and development partnership with the Australian Government. This change is enabling the ARC to align its volunteering work directly with the humanitarian and development objectives of the Red Cross movement in the Indo-Pacific region. This change took effect in June 2016.

Last Updated: 5 July 2016
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