Annual overview 2015-16: International Development Fund

In 2015-16, our multilateral missions in UN New York, Geneva UN, Geneva WTO and Vienna UN provided $1.6 million for 29 International Development Fund (IDF) projects. Many of these projects focused on supporting developing countries to participate in international meetings.

New York UN

The Australian Permanent Mission to the UN in New York provided $493,000 for seven multilateral projects. The projects supported key issues across the UN agendas such as counter-terrorism, biodiversity beyond national jurisdiction, small arms and light weapons, and gender mainstreaming. The projects had a strong development focus and served a range of development objectives across regions. 

One IDF project supported training for Pacific Island NGO representatives who promote women's human rights, to participate in the annual United Nations meeting on the Commission on the Status of Women.

Geneva UN

The Australian Permanent Mission to the UN in Geneva funded 11 multilateral projects totalling $398,000. The projects supported key issues priorities across the UN agenda including human rights, gender, humanitarian assistance, health, disarmament and arms control.

IDF projects promoted economic and social progress and development objectives by working towards disarmament and arms control, improving the quality of protection responses in humanitarian action, and capacity building. Four projects advocated for the protection and promotion of human rights, with including one project supporting efforts towards the universal abolition of capital punishment. Another project produced four publications aimed at providing information to and building the capacity of, human rights defenders and democracy activists worldwide.

Geneva WTO

The Australian Permanent Mission to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in Geneva provided $458,000 for four multilateral projects. The projects supported negotiators from least-developed and developing countries in their engagement with key issues across the World Trade Organization agenda. One International Development Fund (IDF) project funded the attendance of ministers and delegates from Pacific Island countries at the WTO's 10th Ministerial Conference in Nairobi, ensuring the voice of the Pacific was heard at this critical event.

Vienna UN

The Australian Permanent Mission to the UN in Vienna provided $252,000 for eight multilateral projects. The projects supported key issues across the UN agenda on peaceful uses of atomic energy, prevention of environmental crime, addressing people trafficking and improving drug control capacity in South East Asia.

South East Asia is a main trafficking hub for synthetic drugs, a large portion of which eventually end up in the Australian market. The wide-spread drug trafficking business threatens to undermine overall developmental outcomes in the region. South East Asia has also been identified as lacking adequate access to pain relief medicines. The International Development Fund (IDF) supported the UN Office on Drugs and Crime and the International Narcotics Control Board to deliver technical capacity building for drug control authorities from many South East Asian countries, to reduce trafficking and improve efficiency in control systems to ensure adequate access to necessary medical pain relief.

IDF also supported International Atomic Energy Agency projects in South East Asia and the Pacific. IDF support has assisted projects which monitor radiological effects in the marine environments of the Pacific, advance palliative care and pain relief for cancer patients through the use of nuclear medicine in South East Asia and the Pacific, and work to meet the needs of Pacific Island member states. In cooperation with Port Vila, DAP supported attendance by a delegate from Vanuatu to the IAEA General Conference to facilitate its formal membership of the IAEA and initiate contacts with the Agency.

Training seminar for South East Asia country representatives held in Bangkok with IDF support. Credit: Thai Narcotics Control Office

Last Updated: 13 December 2016