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Project summaries

  • Australia-China Fashion Connection

    This project aims to build commercial, creative and cultural capabilities for fashion designers, fashion brands, fashion media and models and at the same time facilitate professional mobility in the fashion sector between Australia and China.

  • 2017 Australia-China Youth Dialogue

    This project provides a platform for 30 young leaders to debate and explore critical themes affecting both Australia and China

  • Chinese cultural context for ecotourism and adventure in National Parks

    This project will develop greater understanding of Chinese tourists and their engagement in eco and adventure-based tourism in National parks. With a focus on tourists using the newly declared Sanjiangyuan National Park, the project aims to understand cultural context for eco-tourism and adventure in national parks for the benefit of the sector in both countries.

  • Performance of Chinese Returnees Educated in Australian Universities

    This project aims to examine the career outcomes of Chinese returnees educated in Australia.

  • SNAP - Australian Photographers in China (Working Title)

    This project showcases the creativity and entrepreneurship of Australians travelling and capturing images of China through Australian eye

  • Building better smart monitoring networks for food quality and safety

    This project showcases Australian and Chinese innovation in monitoring food quality and safety.

  • Understanding the environmental risk information needs of Chinese tourists

    This project will help identify key environmental knowledge requirements of Chinese tourists visiting Australia, with the aim of developing a strategic plan to enhance the safety of tourists in potentially hazardous natural contexts

  • ATSE-CAE Food Safety Workshop

    The project consists of a workshop on food safety jointly run by the Chinese Academy of Engineering and ATSE in Melbourne in October 2017, followed by two days of site visits around Australia to promote collaboration in the agricultural industry.

  • Promoting Chinese-Australian Engineering Project Networks (EPNs): Barriers and Remedial Solutions

    This project aims to deliver a quality framework for creating efficient web-based task networks for collaborative engineering projects, linking experts physically located in Australia and China.

  • Australia-China Helicobacter Fellowship

    Australia has pioneered efforts to treat and combat the costs and public health impacts of the H.pylori bacteria - a traditional cause of stomach ulcers and other digestive system related diseases around the world including China. This collaborative project aims to improve the level of shared knowledge of this disease and its treatment between Australia and China.

  • Australian Studies in China Program (ASP)

    There are over 30 Australian Studies Centre’s in China. This program will focus on competitive projects for research and curriculum development; collaborative initiatives for Australian Studies Centres and grants to promote face-to-face collaboration opportunities .

  • BEYOND THE CITY: Dispersing Chinese Visitors into Regional Australia

    2017 is the China-Australia Year of Tourism. This project aims to facilitate peer to peer knowledge sharing and the development of an Australia-wide knowledge of Chinese inbound tourism to Australia.

  • Water pushes Sand

    The project is a contemporary music suite composed by Erik Griswold and Vanessa Tomlinson in collaboration with Sichuan traditional musicians.

  • OzAsia Festival's 'Writing China' Program

    To celebrate 40 years of ACC, OzAsia will stage a 'Writing China' program featuring literary talks and discussions by established authors and experts in Australia-China relations with an emphasis on a new generation of inspiring voices from Australia and China.

  • Yesterday Stories

    As a geographic mobile based app, this project will include stories by people from different provinces, regions and countries including Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and China who are part of the cultural makeup of the Chinese Diaspora in Australia – in particular the Haymarket area of Sydney.

  • ANU & NIAOT: establishing collaboration in the area of astronomical instrumentation

    This project is to further develop connections between the Australian National University's Advanced Instrumentation Technology Center and the Nanjing Institute of the Astronomical Optics and Technology.

  • Non-tariff barriers to Australia’s agricultural exports: China

    This project will be an analysis of non-tariff barriers to Australian agricultural exports in greater China and how best to navigate them.

  • China National Children’s Theatre Tour – Three Monks

    This project presents 5 public performances of Three Monks by China National Children’s Theatre including public and schools performances, the project will also generate educational and media activity aligned to the Australia-China Year of Tourism.

  • Safer Railways Using Innovative In-service Monitoring Technologies for Passenger Networks

    This project delivers workshops on innovative condition-monitoring technology in mass transit and passenger rail networks, to conduct effective track maintenance, and to further improve throughput and minimise derailments across busy rail networks.

  • Developing Ecotourism for Sustainable Australia-China Tourism Growth

    This project will develop and disseminate bilingual environmental education resources, integrating local cultural and languages and knowledge.

  • Technological Innovation and Social Policy

    This project seeks to achieve social impact and business collaboration by emerging industry partners, policy practitioners and communities from both China and Australia.

  • Asian Market Forum – China Update

    A forum will be held to update the business community in the Townsville and broader North Queensland region on the latest economic and market development in China in September 2017.

  • ELISION Shanghai Project

    The project seeks to amplify awareness of internationally significant Australian composition within the contemporary classical music scene of China.

  • Inaugural Australian Startup Tour for Top Chinese Tech Investors

    Working with 10 foreign direct investors from China’s most well-known and successful technology Venture Capital funds this project aims to build people-to-people and innovation links between China and Australia.

  • Promote Australia-China Engagement during CMA Innovation Expo & Conference

    This project provides an opportunity through the innovation expo and conference in Sydney on 25-26 October 2017 to further build on relationships in the growing Australia-China Complementary Medicines sector.

  • Australia-China Media Exchange

    Building on the pilot program established last year, the Walkley Foundation will provide an opportunity for three award winning journalists to travel to China and present a series of masterclasses and round tables.

  • Taiwan – Australia: Collaboration, Indigenous cultural exchanges and performance outcomes

    This is a genuine two way exchange and collaboration involving a range of Indigenous musicians and artists from the Northern Territory and Taiwan.

  • Queensland Youth Symphony Tour Concerts in Macau, Shenzhen, Hong Kong

    A collaboration project from the Queensland Youth Symphony Orchestra involving young local musicians from the Macao Youth Symphony Orchestra, as well as youth orchestras in Hong Kong and Shenzhen with the aim to deliver public performances of shared works.

  • Leading research and education collaborations through a student internship program

    This program is to promote Australia as a competitive destination for world-class medical research education through increased engagement between China and the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute (WEHI). The projects goal is to facilitate future collaborations that can improve health outcomes in both countries.

  • Australia-China Emerging Leaders Summit (Beijing 2018)

    This Summit will offer participants interactive sessions on economics, politics, culture, technology and innovation across the Australia-China relationship and allows delegates to build and consolidate their knowledge in these areas.

  • The Australian Ballet's 2018 China Tour

    The Australian Ballet will embark on its ninth tour to China to present the international debut of David McAllister’s globally renowned work The Sleeping Beauty, in two prestigious arts festivals in Beijing and Shanghai.

  • Chengdu Green

    Chengdu Green is a public artistic performance to celebrate the ancient tradition of Summer Solstice in Chengdu.

  • Old Masters: Australia’s Great Bark Artists

    An exhibition that will showcase the world’s richest collection of bark paintings, curated by the National Museum of Australia. It aims to share and celebrate the richness and complexity of Indigenous art and culture with Chinese audiences.

Last Updated: 22 August 2017