Grant guidelines

Grant round dates

Opened: 1 March 2017
Closed: 27 April 2017


The Australia-India Council’s mission is to advance Australia’s foreign and trade policy interests by building awareness and understanding between the peoples and institutions of Australia and India.

Priority considerations

To maximise impact, the Australia-India Council is looking for high quality applications that foster ground-breaking and catalytic collaborations and improve perceptions.

In 2017-18, priority will be given to projects on education and skills, science, energy and technology advancement, resources and energy, agriculture, and infrastructure.

Grant applicants need to submit a project proposal to address one of the following:

  1. Develop new innovative mechanisms for lifting education outcomes between Australia and India, such as through the New Colombo Plan or mobile platforms for the delivery of training and skill programs. 
  2. Develop new innovative social entrepreneur schemes that build on either India's unique identifier or outcomes from successful projects, such as, the Australia India Strategic Research Projects on bio, agri or water technology and urban infrastructure.
  3. Recognise and capitalise on Australian and Indian shared cultural identity, for example, through common parliamentary and legal systems; social entrepreneur platforms that support women in leadership, children or tech-savvy young people; or Indigenous culture.
  4. Build connections between Australia and India by drawing on major events as inspiration for collaborations and joint projects that establish linkages between India and Australia in a school, business or community setting.

A key project deliverable for successful applicants will be a one to two-page policy paper to inform government on the key considerations relevant to the grant topic. The paper should explain key learnings, future challenges, opportunities or needs and recommended appropriate actions in the relevant area.

Last Updated: 15 August 2017