The Sir John Crawford Lecture Series

Established in 2001, the Sir John Crawford Lecture series provides a forum for eminent Australians to deliver lectures in India on topics of common public interest. It aims at exchange of expertise and promotion of professional links and understanding between the two countries. The lecture series commemorates Sir John Crawford, a prominent Australian economist who helped pioneer the Green revolution in India.

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K R Narayanan Oration Lecture Series

The K R Narayanan Oration Lectures are hosted by the Australian National University in honour of the former Indian President, DR K R Narayanan. The annual oration is delivered by a leading India thinker, and the list of distinguished speakers has included Dr Raja J. Chelliah, Professor Jagdish Bhagwati, Professor U. R. Rao and Mr P. Chidambaram. The Narayanan lectures are published annually by Australia South Asia Research Centre (ASARC).

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AIC Environment Speakers Tour

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AIC Speakers Exchange Program – India Healthcare Summit, March 2014

The India Healthcare Summit was held in New Delhi from 27-29 March 2014. The Australia-India Council sponsored the participation of Ms Michelle McGuirk (Manager, Telehealth NT). Ms McGuirk delivered a presentation on Australia's "E-Health Standards and Best Practice Models".

Download the "E-Health Standards and Best Practice Models" presentation [PPTX 3.42 MB]

Australia-India Roundtable

The Australia-India Council provided funding to the Lowy Institute for International Policy to convene the Australia-India Roundtable, a '1.5-track' or composite government/non-government dialogue, in Sydney and Melbourne from 3-6 February 2014.

The Roundtable Outcomes Statement can be found at the Lowy Institute website.

Australian Studies Fellowships

The AIC is currently designing a new Australian Studies Fellowships program. We expect to announce the details of the new program shortly.

Last Updated: 15 April 2014