Australia-Indonesia Muslim Exchange Program

The Muslim Exchange program has been successfully operating since 2002. It involves visits of several weeks’ duration to Australia by groups of young Indonesian Muslim community leaders (such as writers, bureaucrats, academics, workers in non-governmental organisations and religious bodies), and visits to Indonesia by their Australian counterparts. The focus is on building a greater understanding for Australians of the nature of mainstream Islam in Indonesia and, for Indonesians, a greater awareness of Australia's multicultural society.

Applications Now Open for Australian participants of the Australia-Indonesia Muslim Exchange Program 2016

The 2016 Australia-Indonesia Muslim Exchange Program (MEP) is now accepting applications for Australian participants.

This is an exciting opportunity for young Australian Muslim community leaders. For over two weeks, you will learn about the rich heritage of Islam in Indonesia, visit some of the largest Muslim organisations and schools in the world, meet prominent scholars, and make valuable contacts and friends in Indonesia’s Muslim community.

You will also join a network of more than 200 MEP alumni, who are active in many different fields.

If selected, your tickets and accommodation are covered for the program which will take place in Indonesia from 16 to 29 May 2016, coinciding with a major festival.

Send your application to by 5pm AEDT, on Friday, 6th February 2016.

Include the following:

  1. Your CV, with relevant experience and qualifications. Please be sure to include:
    1. Your contact details
    2. Your date of birth (note: you must be between 21 and 40 to apply), and
    3. An outline of your current involvement in the Australian Muslim community.
  2. A statement of purpose, including:
    1. What you hope to gain from participating
    2. What you can offer the program, during and after the visit
    3. How you would share and build on your experiences after the program
    4. People and organisations in Indonesia you would like to meet and topics you are interested in finding out more about, and
    5. Any previous visits to Indonesia (with approximate dates).
  3. Two letters of reference, at least one of which must be a recommendation from either an Australian Muslim community organization or an individual who can describe your activities in the Muslim community. Letters of reference can either be:
    1. Emailed directly by your referee to us at (before the closing date), or
    2. Signed by your referee, scanned, and included with your application.

Please email us at if you have any questions.

Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed on Saturday 20th February 2016.

Indonesian participants for the program are currently being interviewed and selected.

Last Updated: 26 March 2015
Class photo of Indonesian participants and DFAT staff