Advice to Applicants

The Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program (AIYEP), which began in 1981, operates under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Indonesian and Australian Governments.

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The program aims to provide wider opportunities for the young people of Indonesia and Australia to appreciate the culture, development and the way of life of each country.


The program in Australia is funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade through the Australia-Indonesia Institute (AII). An Australian coordinator engaged by DFAT manages the Australian phase of the exchange. Selection of Australian participants is by a selection committee.

In Indonesia the program is organised by the State Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sport. The Australian Embassy in Jakarta provides support and assistance.

Each year the AIYEP is hosted in a different state or territory within Australia and in a different province of Indonesia.


Eighteen Indonesians and eighteen Australians aged between 21 and 25 years (as at October 2017) participate, with each group consisting of nine males and nine females.

  • The Indonesian group visits Australia in October for a period of two months. One month is spent in a rural setting and the other in an urban setting. This group is billeted with Australian families and given work experience in both settings. The group also participates in cultural performances at schools, community centres and other venues.
  • In December, Australian participants gather in the capital city of the Australian host state/territory for a period of orientation, before meeting up with their Indonesian counterparts for a joint orientation in preparation for the Indonesian phase of the program. At this time participants are assigned a buddy from the other country. Both groups travel together to Indonesia and undertake a joint two-month program.
  • The buddies live with local host families in Indonesia. The groups live in a rural and remote village and undertake social activities and community development projects determined in consultation with the village; and,
  • An urban stay in which the buddies live with their host families and undertake work placements together.

The groups present joint music and cultural performances in local schools, community centres and other venues.

Selection Criteria for Australian participants

The AIYEP is open to people aged between 21 and 25 years in October 2017 who satisfy the following minimum requirements:

  • Australian citizenship;
  • an active or emerging interest in Indonesia with knowledge of our bilateral ties;
  • Indonesian language skills (but not mandatory);
  • the personality and background to effectively act as a young ambassador for Australia;
  • professional/personal skills in the areas nominated by the AII such as in group dynamics, interpersonal/relationship development, cultural awareness and sensitivity, public speaking and cultural/artistic performance;
  • ability to adapt to different living environments and contribute to group well-being;
  • ability to uphold and promote the value and aims of AIYEP in their personal behaviour during the exchange;
  • availability to participate in training prior to departure; and
  • good health.


  • In Australia, the AII covers all costs, including air fares and accommodation. In addition, the AII responsible for the international travel of all participants. In Indonesia, the cost of the program, including domestic travel, accommodation and meals are the covered by the Indonesian Government.
  • A uniform for the Australian participants is provided, but participants will be required to provide or purchase at their own expense: shoes; personal travel insurance; any compulsory medical vaccinations; passports and departure taxes; personal spending money; clothing and any other incidental costs.

What participants can expect to gain from AIYEP

The opportunity for:

  • first-hand experience of living in and being an active part of another culture;
  • representing Australia and our way of life;
  • further developing Indonesian language skills;
  • personal development: teamwork and negotiating skills, leadership, issues management and resolution, building self-confidence and adaptability;
  • nurturing good relations with Indonesian counterparts by establishing networks of friends and contacts in academic and professional areas in Australia and Indonesia;
  • a greater understanding of present Australia/Indonesia relationships and possibilities for future cooperation and involvement; and
  • continued networking with all AIYEP Alumni in Indonesia and Australia.

The AIYEP is not an alternative holiday in Indonesia. Participants are required to participate in all parts of the program and to accept the responsibility of representing their country overseas.

Travel Advice

All applicants for the 2017-18 AIYEP must confirm in writing that they have made themselves aware of the content of the Australian Government travel advice for Indonesia. The latest travel advice is available from

Health/Travel Insurance

Those selected for the Program must be in good mental, physical and dental health, and will be advised to consult with their own doctor on any vaccinations or other health measures required. Each participant will also be asked to show evidence of his/her cover for appropriate travel insurance before departure for Indonesia. The insurance is to include cover for any emergency repatriation to Australia.

Last Updated: 15 June 2017