ATI Funded Grant Projects

Discover Thailand Scholarships Program

ATI Support provided- $46,500

The Australia-Thailand Institute 60th Anniversary Discover Thailand scholarships is a program to encourage more Australian tertiary students to study in Thailand. The program provide top up grants to Australian students to encourage them to undertake credit bearing studies in partner Thai universities that have existing credit exchange arrangements with Australian universities. The program aims to enhance the education linkages between the two countries, especially at the tertiary level and also assist in increasing the number of Australian students going to Thailand to undertake education. It is a practical initiative to encourage Australian students to make use of existing opportunities to study in Thailand. The program will be funded by the ATI and managed by Universities Australia

further information about the Discover Thailand Scholarships Program

University of Sydney- Off to a Good Start: Enhancing Early Reading Skills for All Thai Children


This project aims to enhance links between Sydney University and Srinakharinwirot University and enhance the well-being of children achieved through advancing a current project called preventing early reading difficulties, and establishing cross-institutional projects with benefit to both countries for education of students with disabilities. ATI funding will enable reciprocal visits by staff to respective universities and associated schools, including setting up of a dialogue to develop a model for preventing reading difficulties in the Thai context. The project is due for completion by September 2013 with a full acquittal report to be submitted to ATI by October 2013.

Queensland University of Technology- The Australian Thai Mathematics Education (ATME) project


The Australian Thai Mathematics Education (ATME) project is a developmental collaboration between the Queensland University of Technology's YuMi Deadly Centre (YDC) and school directors and teachers from schools in Chiang Mai Thailand. The project will provide Thai directors and teachers with insights gained from the YDC's previous Professional Learning Programs for initiating reforms in literacy and mathematics education within schools while also establishing and promoting professional learning. The project is due for completion in June 2013 with a full acquittal report submitted to the ATI by July 2013.

Asia Education Foundation- Thai BRIDGE Program


The Australia Thailand Institute is funding the development of an Australia-Thailand BRIDGE (Building Relationships through Intercultural Dialogue and Growing Engagement) Project that will fund 8 school partnerships in Australia and Thailand. This program will be administered by the Asia Education Foundation which successfully runs similar programs for China, Korea and Indonesia. The Australia-Asia BRIDGE School Partnerships Project is a blended model of face-to-face professional learning and online engagement that will bring Australian and Thai teachers, students and school communities together to increase awareness and understanding of contemporary Australia and Thailand. BRIDGE provides a digital platform and a support structure for collaboration otherwise unavailable to Australian and Thai schools. More information about the BRIDGE programs and the AEF.

Last Updated: 5 December 2012