Science, Technology and Innovation

ATI Funded Grant Projects

Curtin University- Enhancement of the International Pavement Technology Research Network Project for the Thailand Research Fund


The Pavement technology research project being funded by the ATI aims to convey and elevate the awareness of new and advanced pavement engineering knowledge available in Australia to a group of Thailand academics and practitioners. This will in turn help and support the academics in gaining understanding of advanced pavement engineering research, and appropriate directions to conduct research in this field for Thailand-specific issues, predominantly through workshops and seminars in Thailand. The project is due for completion in Aug with a full acquittal report to be submitted to the ATI at the end of September.

Bookend Trust (UTAS Foundation)- Australia-Thailand Environmental Learning Exchange


This project is a pilot environmental and cultural learning exchange between the students of Monsaengdao Ecological School, Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand and high school students from Tasmania Australia. The project aims to share environmental knowledge, practical skills and cultural understanding between students and environmental education teachers from each country. The project is due for completion by June 2013 with a full acquittal report submitted to the Institute by July 2013.

Last Updated: 5 December 2012