Seizing an opportunity: Promoting dialogue between students through Arabic films

Project summary

21 December 2015

Grantee: Curtin University
Priority Area: Education
Flagship Program: Other: Local speakers with Arab backgrounds
Country: Australia

The diversity of the university student population in Western Australia presents an ideal context for local and international students from Arab and non-Arab backgrounds to develop lifelong friendships as they learn and interact in a shared space with shared goals. Despite the opportunity that this diversity represents, students from different backgrounds tend not to interact or form relationships, preferring instead to form friendships with students with whom they share similar cultural values and beliefs.

In this project, Curtin University will bring together the best in contemporary Arab cinema in screening events to provide a unique opportunity for cross-cultural exchange, dialogue and relationship building between students. Curtin University will partner with the Information and Cultural Exchange to host the Perth leg of the Arab Film Festival Australia (AFFA), to take place in August 2016. The AFFA traditionally takes place on the east coast (Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra) and for the first time will be brought out to WA!

The screenings will be open to the public and aim to encourage meaningful interaction and foster intercultural understanding by bringing together groups of students who may not ordinarily associate with one another.

Council for Australian-Arab Relations grant offer: $11,000.00 GST Inclusive

Total project value: $34,535.65

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Last Updated: 14 December 2015
Curtin university campus, Bentley. Photo: James Rogers 2013