Roland Jabbour, Esq. J.P.

Roland has extensive business and international trade relations experience. His business interests include property development and investments, traffic management, travel and tourism, international education and training. The Jabbour Holding group are based in Melbourne but have offices across the Middle East region. The group oversees major projects between Australia and the Arab region, representing Australian universities, as well as private sector and Government institutions.

Roland has developed a high profile as a community leader through a long standing commitment to public service and community initiatives. Roland is well known and respected in government and semi government circles and is widely consulted on issues such as international relations, media, politics, and multiculturalism.

For many years, Roland has had an extensive involvement in the development of partnerships between Australia and the Arab region, facilitating business and trade relations that work to promote stronger ties between Australia and the Arab world.

Roland is the recipient of many awards from Australian and overseas Governments in recognition of his service to the Australian community.

Last Updated: 14 January 2013
Roland Jabbour Esq. J.P.