• Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran co-commission by Dhaka Art Summit and Artspace

    The Dhaka Art Summit is a research and exhibition platform for art, which in 2016 welcomed over 138,000 local and 800 international visitors.

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  • Yidaki: Didjeridu and the Sound of Australia

    Yidaki: Didjeridu and the Sound of Australia is an exhibition exploring the iconic didjeridu through sound, story, moving images & treasured objects.

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  • Milingimbi Art and Culture US travelling exhibition

    Milingimbi Art & Culture senior artists have secured a Melon Fellowship grant to research the Kluge Ruhe Collection at University of Virginia, USA.

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  • OzAsia Festival Singapore Focus and Engagement

    OzAsia Festival will present a Singapore-focused cultural engagement program that strengthens cultural ties with Singapore.

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Public diplomacy

Australia's public diplomacy is raising awareness overseas of our country—as a great destination for tourism and education, an advocate for global trade liberalisation, and a trusted citizen of the Indo-Pacific region. For detail on Australia's public diplomacy efforts, read the Public Diplomacy Strategy.

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To request a copy of DFAT’s Public Diplomacy Handbook please email us. Your request will be assessed by the Public Diplomacy Branch.