Listen Up - Music of Black Australia Track Listing


Performed by Saltwater Band
Written By Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu
Copyright Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunipingu
Recording Rights controlled by Skinnyfish
Music From the Album 'Gapu Damurrun'

Saltwater Band from Elcho Island in North East Arnhemland speak Yolngu Matha which is the collective term for the many languages of North East Arnhemland. One of the key members of the Band Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu is a close relative of Mandawuy Yunupingu of Yothu Yindi and Geoffrey is a past member of Yothu Yindi. Their style of music is Indigenous Roots Music (World Music) played in a reggae/ska style.


Performed by Letterstick
Written By David Maxwell Diyana and Terence Wilson Copyright David Maxwell & Terence Wilson
Recording Rights controlled by CAAMA Music
From the Album 'An-Barra Clan'

Letterstick are from Maningrida in North Central Arnhemland and their style of music is Indigenous Roots (world music) in a reggae/ska style.

Morning Star

Performed by Stiff Gins
Written by Stiff Gins Copyright Stiff Gins
Recording Rights controlled by Kaleena Briggs, Emma Donovan, Nardi Simpson
From the Album 'Origins'


Performed by Djalu Gurruwiwi Written by (traditional-GaIpu Clan)
Copyright Yothu Yindi Foundation
Recording Rights controlled by Yothu Yindi Foundation From the Album 'Djalu"

Djalu Gurruwiwi is a traditional elder from North East Arnhemland and is highly respected around the world as a master yidaki (didgeridoo) player.


Performed by Broken English
Written by John Rogers
Copyright John Rogers
Recording Rights controlled by Skinnyfish Music
From the Album 'The Studio Sessions'

Broken English are from Ngukurr in southern Arnhemland. They are legendary in the Northern Indigenous music industry for their pub-rock style of music and their brilliant musicianship.

Your'e the One

Performed by Peter Brandy
Written by Peter Brandy
Copyright Peter Brandy
Recording Rights Skinnyfish Music
From the Album 'Kimberley Backroads'

Peter Brandy was born in Halls Creek in the Kimberley region of WA. His style of music is country/pop. He is a fantastic singer/song writer/story teller. Peter now lives in Darwin and is pursuing his musical career.s

Fitjala Wangkanyi

Performed by Frank Yamma
Written By Frank Yamma Copyright with Frank Yamma
Recording Rights controlled by CAAMA Music
From the Album 'Playing with

Frank Yamma is one of Central Australia's leading artists, he is a Pitjantjatjara man and speaks all the languages of that land and knows its ways and stories. Frank's style of music is Indigenous Roots (World Music) and he travels extensively to perform.


Performed by Nabarlek
Written by W & R Naborlhborlh, R & T & S & L Guymala, M.Bangarr, B Buranali, B Watson
Copyright Owner As Above
Recording Rights controlled by Skinnyfish Music
From the Album 'Binin Manbor/h/Blackfella Road'

Nabarlek are from central Arnhemland and are Kunwinku speakers and regard themselves as "Rocky Country" people. They also play Indigenous Roots music but in rock style. Nabarlek have performed at many major Australian Festivals and have toured in Europe and are working on another European tour.


Performed by Ralkurru Marika Written by (traditional-Rirratjinu clan)
The arrangement- Ralkurru Mamba Marika
Copyright Yothu Yindi Foundation
Recording Rights controlled by Yothu Yindi Foundation
From the Album 'Mamba'


Performed by Onslaught
Written by Malcolm Gollan
Copyright Malcolm Gollan
Recording Rights controlled by Skinnyfish Music From the Album '4Real'

Onslaught are from Adelaide and are a hard rock group that sing about the issues that affect them. Originally from the Riverland of SA the lead singer and song writer Malcolm Gollan is a very talented song writer whose songs will eventually become recognised and possibly performed by other singers. Their message is always positive and they are committed to highlight those issues that affect them and their people.

Stolen Children

Performed by Kerrianne Cox
Written by Veronica Francis & composed by Kerrianne Cox
Copyright Kerrianne Cox
Recording Rights controlled by Kerrianne Cox
From the Album 'Just Wanna Move'

Kerrianne Cox hails from Beagle Bay north of Broome WA. Kerrianne is one of the hardest working performers you could meet. She has produced two albums and toured overseas extensively. Her music style is blues/country and she is an outstanding singer/song writer.



Lar Gar Noo

Performed by Rita Mills
Written by Rita Mills
Copyright Zuna Entertainment
Recording Rights controlled by Zuna Entertainment
From the Album 'Mata Nice'

Rita Mills is a Torres Strait Islander who with her sisters were famous as the Mills Sisters. Rita performs in a traditional folk style presenting many of the Torres Strait tunes to a wider audience.


Performed by Warumpi Band
Written by Djilaynga, Datjing & Gumbula
Copyright Rondor Music/Universal
Recording Rights controlled by CAAMA
Music From the Album 'Too Much Humbug'

Dreamtime Baby

Performed by Warren. H. Williams
Written by Warren. H.Williams
Copyright Warren. H.Williams
Recording Rights controlled by CAAMA Music
From the Album 'Where My Heart Is'

Warren Williams is from Hermannsburg in Central Australia  and is a very experienced and high profile performer. Warren comes from a very distinguished family of country musicians and has produced a number of albums with his most notable song being a duet with John Williamson.

Swept Away

Performed by Shellie Morris
Written by Shellie Morris
Copyright Shellie Morris
Recording Rights controlled by Shellie Morris
From the Album 'Shellie Morris'

Shellie Morris is now residing in Darwin after having grown up in Sydney. Shellie plays acoustic folk, is a brilliant song writer and performer, and has recently been developing a stage play. She is much loved around Darwin and is a very hard working committed musician.

Seaman Dan

Black Swana

Performed by Seaman Dan
Written by Traditional arrangement, Seaman Dan & Ephraim Dani.
Copyright Seaman Dan
Recording Rights controlled by Seaman Dan From the Album 'Follow the Sun'

Seaman Dan is a Torres Strait Islander born on Thursday Island. His music is a mixture of blues, hula, jazz and pearling songs reflecting the cultures found in the Torres Strait.

Simple Things

Performed by Dale.K.Huddleston and Riverbank
Written by Dale. R. Huddleston
Copyright Dale. R. Huddleston
Recording Rights controlled by Dale.R.Huddleston
From the Album 'Simple Things'

Dale Huddleston originally from Ngukurr in the NT, Dale now resides in Canberra and is a modern country singer.

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