Wayne Quilliam – Lowana and Communities

Adjunct Professor Wayne Quilliam is a respected Indigenous artist, photographer and cultural advisor. He is recognised as one of Australia's most prominent visual artists with more than 130 exhibitions presented throughout Australia and the world, including Berlin, London, Cairo, Paris, Vienna, Tokyo, New York, Jakarta and Mexico City.

Wayne's unique style encompasses the spiritual and artistic dimensions of Aboriginal culture as his art is transformed through traditional and modern practices.

"Connection to country and community is my lifeblood, sharing my knowledge and the stories behind each photograph are a magnificent journey. What makes the photographic artworks special is the support and encouragement from our old people in communities across the country; many regard the digital photograph as a modern message stick." Wayne said.

The images included in the Australian Journey Festival are elements of three of Wayne's most popular works.

Lowanna (Beautiful woman) is an evolutionary series of works which meld Aboriginal spirituality and contemporary nudes. The works are printed on metallic archival paper and mounted on frameless shinkalite panels.

Towindri (where we walk) is a collection of powerful images capturing the patterns and textures of the earth and how they influence Indigenous culture and art.

Gatherings is a constantly evolving group of images featuring Indigenous festivals across the country, including the Garma, Burunga, Laura, Dreaming, Dancesite, Spirit and Yarbun festivals. This collection has been developed to visualise how communities utilise events to preserve culture, language and family.

Last Updated: 14 January 2013
Wayne Quilliam