Western Australia State Office

Visitors program

Ambassadors and High Commissioners from our posts overseas regularly visit Western Australia to meet with senior business and government officials. During mid-term consultations, they conduct seminars on issues topical to the bilateral relationships they manage.

The Department also operates a special visits program (SVP), which brings influential foreign officials, academics and business people to Australia. It is targeted at individuals who can contribute to a greater understanding of Australia's policies and institutions, and who are likely to be in positions which deal with issues of direct relevance to Australia's foreign and trade policy interests.

If you would like any information on the listed events or to register for a seminar, please contact the person listed against each visitor, or by email to: dfat.wa@dfat.gov.au

Please check back regularly for updates/additions. We suggest you bookmark this page now for easy future reference.

In your email, please specify who would like to meet with our visitor as well as your interests in the visitor's particular areas of responsibility.  All requests will be considered, but we cannot guarantee it will always be possible to arrange a meeting given time constraints.