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Australian Government - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Advancing the interests of Australia and Australians internationally

Australian Government - Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Advancing the interests of Australia and Australians internationally

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Lotus lantern festival in Seoul

Australia-Korea: Strengthened Economic Partnership


Executive Summary

1.  Introduction

2.  Australia and Korea — The Background

2.1.      Korea — Past and Present
2.2.      Korea — The Future
2.3.      Korea and Australia

3.  Strategic Market Assessment

3.1.      Attractiveness of Korean Market for Australian Business
3.2.      Australian Competitiveness

4.  Industry Sectoral Issues

4.1.      Agriculture and Food/Minerals and Energy
4.2.      Manufactures
4.3.      Technology
4.4.      Education and Training
4.5.      Infrastructure and Utilities
4.6.      Other Services

5.  Cross Sectoral Issues

5.1.      Profile of Australian Capabilities
5.2.      Intellectual Property
5.3.      Standards and Compliance
5.4.      Commercialisation of Technology
5.5.      Investment
5.6.      Making Connections

6.  Conclusions

6.1.      Importance of issues by sector
6.2.      General Initiative
6.3.      Specific Initiatives

7.  Recommendations

Appendix A: Useful Korean Government Websites

© Commonwealth of Australia 2001

This work is copyright. The material contained in this report may be freely quoted with appropriate acknowledgement.

ISBN 0642-487-499

This report was commissioned by the Australia-Korea Foundation and was undertaken by Dr Michael Porter (Tasman Asia Pacific), Steve Doszpot (Duesburys Strategic Connections, a division of Duesburys Chartered Accountants), and Ron Maxwell (Maxwell and Druce International Pty Ltd).

It is the outcome of many peoples' time and effort both in Australia and Korea. We are most appreciative to the many business people and public servants in Australia and in Korea who so generously gave us their valuable time and shared their experiences and ideas with our study team, in the many hours of interviews that we conducted. We are especially grateful for the assistance and advice provided to us by the Canberra based officers of the Australia-Korea Foundation and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Australian Embassy staff in Seoul, Korea, the management and staff of the Macquarie Bank in Korea and Australia, the officials of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, Austrade, the Australia New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Korea (ANZCCK) and the staff of various industry associations both in Korea and Australia.

Finally, we are especially grateful to our business colleagues and our families for their encouragement, patience, and support during the course of this project.

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