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China Embraces the Market

Connecting with Asia's Tech Future: ICT Export Opportunities
November 2002


This report aims to assist Australian businesses identify opportunities for trade and investment in ICT and e-commerce in East Asia, inform ICT exporters about constraints in selling ICT goods and services in the region and outline government initiatives to remove these barriers.

The report surveys the Australian ICT and e-commerce industries, major ICT exports and markets assessing where Australian companies have competitive strengths. It discusses the benefits of the new economy for Australia, via reducing costs, and boosting productivity, growth and employment and its impacts on market dynamics and trade competitiveness. The report also examines in some depth the size and scope of the ICT and e-commerce sectors in East Asia, government policy affecting the sector, trade access and foreign investment barriers, industry regulation and areas of opportunity. In addition, it analyses obstacles to the take-up of new technologies in East Asia.

The report then draws implications for the Australian Government regarding reducing barriers to ICT take-up in East Asia, through trade and investment access negotiations and the development assistance program.


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