142 Mr M. MacDonald, U.K. Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs, to Commonwealth Government

Circular Cablegram B63 LONDON, 17 March 1938, 6.49 p.m.


My telegram of 16th March, Circular B. No. 59, note has been received from the German Embassy in London notifying to the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs [2] the text of the German law of 13th March relating to the reunion of Austria with the German Reich.

Article I provides that the Austrian law summarised in my telegram of 14th March, Circular B. 53 [3] becomes a law of the German Reich.

Article II provides that the law now valid in Austria shall remain in force until further notice, and that the introduction of the law of the Reich into Austria will be effected by the leaders and the Chancellor of the Reich or by the Ministers of the Reich empowered by him for the purpose.

Article III provides that the Reich Minister for the Interior is empowered in agreement with the Reich Ministers concerned to issue necessary legal and administrative regulations to carry out and supplement the present laws.

German note adds that the former Austrian diplomatic representatives abroad have received instructions to place themselves and their staffs under German missions.

Question of reply to be returned to this note is at present under consideration.

1 Document 138.

2 Viscount Halifax.

3 Not printed.

[AA : A981, AUSTRIA 17, ii]