94 Mr H. Fitzmaurice, U.K. Consul-General in Batavia, to Sir George Pearce, Minister for External Affairs

Letter BATAVIA, 18 October 1937

I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 17th September [1] with which you were good enough to enclose copies of correspondence with Mr Pascoe, who holds an option over the concession granted to Mr Staughton. [2]

2. I note that Mr Pascoe is now awaiting the result of the representations made at Lisbon.

3. In the meanwhile I have written to Major da Fontoura [3] enquiring for any information he can give as to the possibility of additional areas being granted to Mr Pascoe.


1 Document 63.

2 See Document 49, note 1.

3 Governor of Portuguese Timor.

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