99 Department of External Affairs to Mr A. T. Stirling, External Affairs Officer in London

Cablegram 80 10 November 1937,

Your 131. [1] Timor Oil. Understand that Staughton [2] still retains staff on concession is expending limited money and that Timor Government still accepts payment of fees.

Hence cannot quite appreciate statement that concession regarded as dead. Staughton through two companies who have worked concession has expended considerable sums in Timor and to short circuit him now as suggested in favour of Pascoe who has not yet demonstrated he can command the necessary financial backing seems rather unreasonable.

Propose therefore to inform Staughton of position so as to give him opportunity of applying personally to new Governor [3] or of making an arrangement with Pascoe to do so.

1 Document 98.

2 See Document 49, note 1.

3 Major Alvaro Neves da Fontoura.

[AA : A981, TIMOR (PORTUGUESE) 22, ii]