5 Mr F. K. Officer, Australian Counsellor at U.K. Embassy in Washington, to Lt Col W. R. Hodgson, Secretary of Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 6 (extract) WASHINGTON, 5 January 1940, 11.17 p.m.

Information: Legation will of course be devoid of all information

except from sources one has opened up and the press unless some

arrangement is made with the Embassy. [1] Suggest I arrange to

continue to have access to press reports done by the British

Library of Information in New York and various consular reports on

which to a large extent my present information is based. As

regards information on the outside world, the Minister will, of

course, be making his own arrangements as regards Australia, but

as regards Europe suggest External Affairs in London be instructed

to send the Minister duplicates of all his information 'Lon.'

letters, etc. and that I arrange with the Embassy to have access

to 'Intel' series of weekly political intelligence summaries, etc.

As we will be without any technical advisers, I suggest that the

Foreign Office be asked to allow us access to the three service


These proposals as regards information, etc., are, of course,

requests for facilities neither Canada nor South Africa enjoy, but

in view of our special relations here and in London, I do not

anticipate that the Foreign Office would raise any objection. [2]

1 U.K. Embassy in Washington.

2 Hodgson replied: 'Information: Mr. Stirling is being asked to

ascertain Foreign Office's attitude as regards access to Service

Attaches at Embassy and also as to possibility of supply of copies

of Foreign Office print. He will be instructed to send duplicates

of his despatches and to repeat his more important telegrams.

Presume that "Intel" series covers adequate information conveyed

in Dominions Office "Intel" telegrams. If not, Mr. Stirling could

be asked to supplement. It is proposed that Legation should

receive regular information telegrams from here covering

Australian developments.' (See cablegram 3 of 9 January 1940 on

file AA: A3300, 78.)

[AA: A461, D703/1/2]