217 Mr R. G. Casey, Minister to the United States, to Mr S. M. Bruce, High Commissioner in London

Cablegram 16 WASHINGTON, 8 May 1940

I assume you saw Washington Embassy cable to FO No. 563 [1] and are watching question of United Kingdom-Japanese discussions regarding trade with USSR etc. Here I only follow it from aspect of possible reactions on USA opinion. The U.S. Government would resent any proposal which tended to lessen the economic pressure they believe they are exercising on Japan. In my opinion essential to advise them fully and frankly before every move and inform them completely of reasons for it. [2]

1 See Document 180, note 4.

2 This cablegram was drafted by F. K. Officer, Counsellor at the Australian Legation in Washington. In an accompanying note Officer suggested to Casey that the trade issue was one 'which must be watched in London rather than here for there only the whole picture can be watched' (see memorandum dated 8 May 1940 on file AA: A3300, 27).

Bruce replied on 11 May 1940 that he entirely agreed with Casey's views on United States reactions and had been urging them strongly in London (see cablegram 10 on file AA: A3300, 28).

[AA: A3300,27]