240 Sir Geoffrey Whiskard, U.K. High Commissioner in Australia, to Mr J. McEwen, Minister for External Affairs

Letter CANBERRA, 15 May 1940

Would you refer to the Commonwealth Government's despatch No. 125 of the 1st May [1] on the subject of Mr. Keith Officer's services as Australian Counsellor at His Majesty's Embassy at Washington? This despatch has crossed one which I have just received from my Government stating that His Majesty's Ambassador at Washington, in reporting on the presentation to the President of the United States [2] by the Rt. Hon. R. G. Casey of his letter of credence as Australian Minister to the United States, took the opportunity to express his warm appreciation of the services of Mr. Keith Officer in the above capacity. Lord Lothian wrote:

'The establishment of the Australian Legation has entailed termination of Mr. Officer's appointment as Australian Counsellor at His Majesty's Embassy. I am very glad to have this opportunity of putting on record my warm appreciation of Mr. Officer's services during the time that he has been attached to the Embassy.

In addition to performing his special duties connected with Australia, Mr. Officer has always given ungrudging and invaluable assistance in the general work of the Embassy, and the many contacts which he formed in Washington and elsewhere have been most useful. Since the outbreak of war, Mr. Officer has rendered assistance in our war activities which has been particularly valuable in a number of directions and his advice and knowledge of local conditions have been of the greatest service to me. I am sure that my predecessor [3] would endorse my views, and I am glad to think that though Mr. Officer has now left the Embassy he is still stationed in Washington and that I can therefore still benefit from his advice.' At the request of my Government, I have much pleasure in bringing to your notice this appreciation of Mr. Officer's services.


1 Not found.

2 Franklin D. Roosevelt.

3 Sir Ronald Lindsay.

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