422 Mr P. Fraser, N.Z. Prime Minister, to Commonwealth Government

Cablegram unnumbered WELLINGTON, 13 June 1940, 2 p.m.


We have been considering whether in the present circumstances it might not be advisable to send a message of encouragement to the French Islands administrations in the Pacific and on enquiring through the High Commissioner for the United Kingdom in New Zealand [1] we have ascertained that His Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom would wish us to do so. We are accordingly contemplating the despatch today to the Governor of New Caledonia [2] and the Governor of Tahiti [3] of the following message-

'His Majesty's Government in New Zealand desire to convey to the Government and people of (New Caledonia) (French Oceania) in this tragic hour in the glorious history of France their deep and abiding sympathy. While recognising that the French Government have been compelled to capitulate under duress, we fully appreciate the heroism of the French resistance. Knowing that the French armies are laying down their arms against their will and that of the French people, the Governments of the British Commonwealth have resolved to continue to struggle and we should most highly appreciate the continued cooperation of our French Allies in (New Caledonia) (French Oceania). From New Zealand, we could of course supply you with coal and foodstuffs and we would most gladly be associated with the British Commonwealth in the continued co-operation with you and in extending to you all forms of assistance within our power. A similar communication has been addressed to the Governor (New Caledonia)'.

Before despatching this message we should be glad to receive your comments and to know whether you would consider it advisable to send similar communication.

1 Sir Harry Batterbee.

2 G. Pelicier.

3 F. C. de Gery.

[FA:A3195, 1.4611]