429 Department of External Affairs to Mr S. M. Bruce, High Commissioner in London

Cablegram [72] [1] 24 June 1940,


Glad if you would raise following immediately with United Kingdom Government. With reference to formation of French National Committee by General de Gaulle and its reported recognition by United Kingdom Government, we would be glad of continuous advice as to developments of this position and as to attitude and policy it is suggested we might adopt towards French interests in Pacific, especially New Caledonia and New Hebrides.

Consul-General France [2] reports today that Governor New Caledonia [3] has reported to him he is prepared to continue fight, but wants to know degree of co-operation and help he can expect from Australia.

Consul-General also says he has had no instructions from Bordeaux Government that Bank of France refuses to allow him to operate on Consular funds, and generally wants to know how French services and assistance are to be utilised.

High Commissioner for Western Pacific [4] reports that Resident Commissioner, New Hebrides [5] has suggested that administration be taken over by Britain.

1 The number has been taken from the London file copy (AA: A2937, New Caledonia (1937-45)).

2 J. Tremoulet.

3 G. Pelicier.

4 Sir Harry Luke.

5 H. Sautot, the French Resident Commissioner.

[FA: A3196, 0.4099]