434 French Colony in Australia to General C. de Gaulle, 434 Leader of the Free French Movement

Cablegram unnumbered 25 June 1940,

[On learning that the French Government had accepted German terms for an armistice the U.K. Prime Minister, Winston S. Churchill, appealed to Frenchmen to support the Allied cause and General de Gaulle announced the formation of the French National Committee.

In Sydney a meeting was held on 25 June 1940 of about one hundred French residents who drafted the following cablegram. (See Melbourne Age, 24-26 June 1940.) The cablegram was sent through the Prime Minister's Department.]

Without pretending to judge the decisions of the Bordeaux Government, Frenchmen in Australia fully in accord with your declaration answering your call and put themselves at your disposal with their energies and their resources to continue the fight to the end. [1]


1 On file AA: A2671, 147/1940. It included copies of the Commonwealth Govt's cablegram 303 (Document 400) and the U.K.

Dominions Secretary's cablegram 187 (Document 415), together with extracts from the U.K. Dominions Secretary's cablegrams Z127 (Document 406) and Z134 (Document 413).

[AA: A981, FRANCE 3B, ii]