461 Note by Mr S. M. Bruce, 461 High Commissioner in London

LONDON, n.d. [1]

As the result of a conversation I had a few days ago with P.M. [2] on this subject we have arranged that in addition to the direct access to him which must be limited owing to pressure he is under and possible embarrassments if my contacts with him were markedly closer than those of other Dominion representatives I should have an indirect access to him through Morton his close personal assistant and that I should be given whatever information I asked for from the Service and other Departments.

This arrangement plus facilities I now have for seeing communications to and from Diplomatic posts abroad which are not included in those made available to the H.Cs appear to me as effective and useful a method of meeting the difficulties of the position as can be devised.

1 There is no record of the exact date of this note. It was filed with papers for the last week of June 1940.

2 Winston S. Churchill.

[AA: M103, JANUARY-JUNE 1940]