462 Note by Mr S. M. Bruce, High Commissioner in London

LONDON, n.d. [1]

P.M. [2]

Position with reference to full information for Dominions gradually sorting out. At HCs daily meetings information of War Cabinet deliberations and decisions supplied also HC have right visit war room to obtain latest information of operations.

These arrangements plus DW cables and communications to & from Diplomatic posts abroad supply full information of daily happenings.

Weak point is lack of opportunity to Dom[inion]s to initiate proposals with adequate knowledge of all factors or to be fully &

continuously consulted with regard to broad policy for conduct of war.

This weakness could not be overcome by a greater utilisation of the HC who in my view having regard to their calibre would be useless on questions of high policy nor would it be met by the creation of an Imperial War Cabinet as while occasional meetings of the Dominions & UK PMs in an Imperial War Cabinet invaluable to agree to the broad direction of policy it would not be a suitable instrument for the continuous conduct of the war owing to paramount part UK must inevitably play.

1 There is no record of the exact date of this note. It was filed with papers for the last week of June 1940.

2 Winston S. Churchill.

[AA: M103, JANUARY-JUNE 1940]