102 Mr R. G. Menzies, Prime Minister, to Admiral Sir Ragnar Calvin, Chief of the Naval Staff

Memorandum 5 September 1940,

In light of advices from High Commissioner for Western Pacific

1. H.M.A.S. Adelaide should not proceed beyond Vila, New Hebrides.

2. Sautot, French Resident Commissioner, New Hebrides, should not, under present circumstances, be embarked and conveyed to Noumea in H.M.A.S. Adelaide. In the event of Sautot's appointment by De Gaulle [3] as Governor of New Caledonia and French High Commissioner of Western Pacific original instructions for embarkation and conveyance will possibly be restated but no action should be taken pending further advice from you.

Please advise Commanding Officer H.M.A.S. Adelaide [4] accordingly of these instructions.

For your information, Cameron and I approve of High Commissioner's request that certain opponents of Sautot be deported via Australia should visit of H.M.A.S. Adelaide coincide with next visit of 'Morinda' due to leave Port Vila on 16th September. This approval is subject to confirmation before that date and is dependent on circumstances as they then exist.

Suggest you so inform Commanding Officer. [5]


1 Sir Harry Luke.

2 Minister for the Navy.

3 Leader of the Free French movement.

4 Captain H. A. Showers.

5 The information in this memorandum was conveyed to Showers in naval signal 1005Z/6 of 6 September (see file AA: MP1049, Series 5, BOX 72, New Caledonia-Establishment of Free French Control 1940: Signals ACNB-Adelaide) and to Lord Caldecote, U.K. Dominions Secretary, in cablegram 468 of 5 September (see file AA: A981, New Caledonia 1, iii).

[1], Cameron [2] and I concur in following: