205 Lord Cranborne, U.K. Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs, to Commonwealth Government

Circular cablegram D581 LONDON, 23 November 1940, 4.31 p.m.


My Circular D553 [1] and connected correspondence. [2] As a result of further consultation with His Majesty's Government in Canada, the 3rd clause of the proposed resolution has again been revised.

Certain further amendments have also been made to meet suggestions received from various quarters.

2. The text of the resolution as now proposed reads as follows:-

'The Governments of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Canada, the Commonwealth of Australia, New Zealand, the Union of South Africa, the Governments of Belgium, Czechoslovakia and the Governments of the Netherlands, Norway and Poland, engaged together in a fight against aggression, are resolved:-

(1) That they will continue the struggle against the German or Italian aggression until victory is won, and will mutually assist each other in this struggle to the utmost of their respective capacities.

(2) That there can be no settled peace and prosperity so long as free peoples are coerced by violence into submission to domination by Germany or her associates or live under the threat of such coercion.

(3) That the only true basis for enduring peace is willing co- operation of the free peoples in a world in which, relieved of the menace of aggression, all may enjoy economic and social security, and that it is their intention to work together and with the other free peoples both in war and peace to this end.' 3. The meeting has now been fixed for Monday next 25th November.

4. It is not yet certain whether the Greek Government will be represented at the meeting. [3]

1 Document 187.

2 See file AA:A1608, C41/1/1.

3 The meeting was in fact postponed indefinitely because of the Greek Govt's unwillingness to be associated with a resolution which might be used by Germany as justification for an attack on Greece. See cablegrams D583 of 25 November and D593 of 30 November on file cited in note 2.

[AA:A1608, C41/1/1]