210 Mr R. G. Casey, Minister to the United States, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 395 WASHINGTON, 26 November 1940, 7.19 p.m.


Repeated to London 120.

I took Burrell [1] to call on Secretary of the Navy [2] and Chief of Naval Operations [3] today.

Secretary of the Navy holds the same views as expressed in first two paragraphs of my telegram No. 389 [4] (repeated to London No.

116). Five additional modern United States submarines are being sent to Manila making total of 17.

China is seeking and will probably get additional financial assistance here. China is also seeking aircraft here to enable air offensive to be conducted against Japanese.

Knox and Stark both agreeable to highly confidential strategic Staff Conversations at an early date. Secretary of the Navy will see the British Ambassador [5] today on this.

Stark agreed to show Burrell American strategic proposals in Pacific area tomorrow.

Both Burrell and Goble [6] have had useful discussions with all appropriate branches of both Services and have been given all relevant information regarding Australian situation. Burrell will leave Los Angeles 30th November. Navy Office suggests that he see Admiral Richardson Commander-in-Chief of Pacific fleet in Honolulu and are so arranging.

American Naval Attache (Commander [Causey] [7]) is to be sent to American Legation in Australia.

I find on enquiry that the State Department and Navy Office and British Embassy would welcome appointment of Royal Australian Navy Attache this Legation. It would enable me to keep in touch with Naval Intelligence and plans prepared in an advantageous way that is not possible now. Grateful if early consideration could be given and if I have confidentially an opportunity of expressing an opinion regarding the individual before appointment. Personality of individual most important here. Burrell has knowledge of type necessary.


1 Director of Operations, R.A.N.

2 Colonel Franklin Knox.

3 Admiral H. R. Stark.

4 Document 207.

5 Lord Lothian.

6 Liaison Officer to the Empire Air Training Scheme in Canada.

7 Corrected from the Washington copy on file AA:A3300, 38.

[AA:A981, FAR EAST 26A]