24 Mr S. M. Bruce, High Commissioner in London, to Mr R. G. Menzies, Prime Minister

Cablegram 536 LONDON, 11 [July] [1] 1940, 5.47 p.m.


Your telegram of 9th July, Minister to Tokyo. [2] The Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs [3] has advised me that necessary instructions are being sent forthwith to Craigie. [4] In view of extreme delicacy of negotiations on which Craigie is engaged, the Secretary of State asks that you should agree to Craigie's being given discretion as to the exact moment for approach to the Japanese Government, allowing him latitude up to say maximum of ten days. To this request I have indicated that I have no doubt you will agree.

With regard to choice of Latham for the post, the Secretary of State says - 'We think this would be an admirable appointment, and we shall be happy to instruct Sir Robert Craigie to seek agrement of Japanese as soon as you wish us to do so. Needless to say he will afford Sir John Latham his fullest co-operation.'


1 In the original the month of dispatch and receipt was incorrectly recorded as June.

2 Document. 21 3 Lord Halifax.

4 U.K. Ambassador to Japan.

[AA: A3195, 1940, 1.5331]