291 Sir William Glasgow, High Commissioner in Canada, to Mr A. W. Fadden, Acting Prime Minister

Cablegram 160 OTTAWA, 12 February 1941, 4.19 p.m.


I recently suggested to the Minister of National Defence [1] desirability of closer liaison between Canada and Australia in the exchange of information regarding military dispositions in the Pacific area. I suggest that this exchange of information should be as complete as possible and should take place between corresponding branches of services of the two countries. Contact between Canada or Canadian Air Force and Australian Air Force might be made through Australian Air Liaison Officer, Ottawa [2];

between Royal Canadian Navy and Royal Australian Navy through Australian Naval Attache, Washington [3]; between General Staffs by diplomatic bag between Ottawa and Canberra.

I understand that the Minister has placed the suggestion informally before his colleagues who have indicated approval in principle.

I thought in addition to its value to the staffs of the three services in Canada and Australia it might lead to closer liaison between them in co-ordination of defence plans in the Pacific area.

I put forward this proposal as a purely personal one and would like to have your views before taking any further steps. I shall discuss this matter with the Prime Minister [4] if he comes to North America.


1 J. L. Ralston.

2 Air Vice Marshal S. J. Goble.

3 Commander H. M. Burrell.

4 R. G. Menzies.

[AA:A981, DEFENCE 365A]