371 Department of External Affairs to Legation in Tokyo

Cablegram 99 28 March 1941,

Following for your confidential information. From 1st April action is being taken to restrict exports from Australia to Japan of commodities of strategical significance mentioned hereunder. Zinc concentrates limited to 20,000 tons. Pig lead and lead concentrates limited to 4,500 tons of pig lead or alternatively the equivalent of that quantity in terms of lead concentrates (approximately 6,750 tons concentrates). Tallow limited to 1,000 tons. Cattle hides and calfskins limited to 184,000 by count. All quantities mentioned apply to calendar year 1941. Exports of these commodities to Manchuria and occupied China are being restricted to annual average of prewar five year period 1934-35 to 1938-39.

As a general rule exports of goods mentioned are being authorised on a quarterly basis and released in pro rata monthly quantities.

Future shipments for remaining months of 1941 will be adjusted to take account of exports already made.

No licences are being issued for export to destinations named of osmiridium, manganese ore, ilmenite, rutile and zircon.

[AA:A981, TRADE 68, iv]