409 Prime Minister's Department to Sir William Glasgow, High Commissioner in Canada

Cablegram unnumbered 18 April 1941,


Reference your telegrams No. 160 dated 21st February [1] and No.

173 dated 12th April [2], regarding exchange bi-monthly service liaison letters. Regarding the Air Department, the liaison letters exchanged regularly between the Chief of the Air Staff [3] in Australia and the Australian Air Liaison Officer, Ottawa [4], appointed in connection with the Empire Air Training Scheme, together with the reports of meetings of the Supervisory Board air training plan forwarded to Australia provide a satisfactory liaison so far as the Royal Australian Air Force is concerned. Any information relating to the R.A.A.F. desired by the Canadian air authorities could be obtained through the Australian Air Liaison Officer and it is thought that this arrangement would meet Canadian requirements. Navy consider progress not sufficient in a fortnight to justify bi-monthly letters on naval matters but if reports desired Navy suggest once a quarter would suffice. Army also consider quarterly letters would meet requirements. If Canadian Naval and Army authorities wish commence exchange letters in accordance foregoing please advise so that authorities here may be requested reciprocate [5]

1 In addition to the cablegram printed as Document 291, Glasgow dispatched a further cablegram (also numbered 160) on 21 February reporting that the Canadian Govt had suggested a bi-monthly exchange of letters with Australia on military matters. See file AA: A1608, 1.63/2/1.

2 On file AA: A1608, 1.63/2/1. It listed logistical and organisational matters on which the Canadian General Staff wished to exchange information with Australia.

3 Air Chief Marshal Sir Charles Burnett.

4 Air Vice Marshal S. J. Goble.

5 For further information on the exchange of technical information between the Australian and Canadian armed forces See files AA:

A981, Defence 365A; AA: A1608, 1.63/2/1; AA: A3300, 158.

[AA: A1608, 1.63/2/1.