451 Department of External Affairs to Mr R. G. Casey, Minister to the United States

Cablegram 513 12 May 1941,


For Naval Attache [1] from Chief of Naval Staff [2]

CNSNA [3] No. 4. With reference to report of United States-British staff conversations, Washington [4], Annex 3, paragraph 18, and A.D.B. [5] paragraph 42, it is requested that you will ascertain at an early date and report by cable the extent of the support which it is contemplated may be afforded to British forces by United States forces south of the Equator between 155 degrees east and 180 degrees. It is understood that a similar enquiry has been initiated by the New Zealand Naval Board through the United States observer at Wellington. [6]

1 Commander D. H. Harries.

2 Admiral Sir Ragnar Colvin, but see Document 355, note 2.

3 A series of cablegram sent by the Chief of the Naval Staff to the Naval Attache at the Legation in Washington.

4 & 5 See Document 455, note 5.

6 Commander J. P. Olding.

[AA: A981, FAR EAST 25B, i]