505 Mr A. T. Stirling, External Affairs Officer in London, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 437 LONDON, 14 June 1941

Polish Consul General. High Commissioner's [1] telegram No. 400 [2] for Prime Minister. [3]

I went this morning to see Counsellor of Polish Embassy and told him of considerations set out in latter part of your telegram No.

260. [4] I think his Government had deliberately selected Canberra rather than Sydney for he said that functions of the new Consul- General would be political as much as commercial, Polish Government wanted Consulate to be in close touch with the Commonwealth Government, and to that end they were appointing a really good career man.

Dr. Kulski appreciated point that no consulates had been established at Canberra and after some discussion and study of the map said he was sure Polish Government would take view that Sydney was the most appropriate place. [5]


1 S. M. Bruce.

2 Document 486.

3 R. G. Menzies.

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5 On 10 September the Commonwealth Govt agreed to the appointment of Dr Sylwester Gruszka as Polish Consul-General de carriere in Sydney. See cablegram 28 of 5 September from Bruce and cablegram 5151 of 10 September to Bruce On file AA: A2937, Consuls-(Poland).