512 Lord Cranborne, U.K. Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs, to Commonwealth Government

Cablegram 424 LONDON, 20 June 1941, 2.36 a.m.


NETHERLANDS EAST INDIES 1. We are grateful for your views as set out in your telegrams of 30th May, 328 [1], and 13th June, 365. [2] As you will see from my telegrams of today M.114 and 115 [3], His Majesty's Ambassador at Tokyo [4] is also of the opinion that public declaration would not be advisable at the present moment, and the matter is therefore being further considered, including the possibility referred to in your telegram of giving some private assurance to the Netherlands Government in connection with the implementation of the Singapore Conference decisions.

1 Document 476.

2 See Document 503, note 2.

3 On file AA: A1608, B41/1/9, i. Cablegram M114 was actually dispatched on 19 June.

4 Sir Robert Craigie.

[AA: A1608, A41/1/1, xxii]