86 Mr H. C. Smart, Department of Information Liaison Officer in London, to Department of Information

Cablegram unnumbered LONDON, 29 August 1940, 7.34 p.m.

With regard to new high power shortwave broadcasting transmitter being erected at Singapore, Ministry of Information ask that you be informed that it will be under local control of Straits Settlements Government, but that its work, roughly three-fifths of which is designed for countries outside Malaya, will be controlled by the Ministry. It will provide news service for China, Japan, Indo-China, Thailand etc. One of its problems will be supply of news and other topical material for these transmissions. It will relay [sic] mainly on B.B.C., B.O.W. [1], Reuters and supplemented by special messages direct from the Ministry. Ministry consider it highly desirable should also have access to news originating in Australia and asks your assistance by supplying such material.

They point out that Australia has vital interest in Far Eastern affairs, and Australian opinion has not been always satisfied that its own outlook fully taken into account in British policy of publicity regarding Far Eastern affairs. Whilst most clearly undivided control policy of Singapore station [2]' seems desirable those charge Singapore should be made directly aware of Australian reaction to Far Eastern events, and Australian official, unofficial opinion concerning them. Director designated Singapore Station Eric Davis shortly leaving here for tour of Far Eastern countries before taking post, will reach Singapore some time November, address care Governor. Ministry suggest you may care to establish direct contact with Davis in order to work out plan of mutual co-operation.

1 British Official Wireless, a news service operated by the U.K.

Foreign Office.

2 The exact meaning of this part of the sentence is unclear. It is possible that some words were omitted in transmission.

[AA:A3195, 1940, 1.7315]