94 Sir Josiah Crosby, U.K. Minister to Thailand, to U.K. Foreign Office

Repeated to Mr R. G. Menzies, Prime Minister

Cablegram 292/unnumbered BANGKOK, 2 September 1940, 7.22 p.m.

Received 3 September 1940


My telegram No. 268 [1] and my telegram No. 277. [2] Thai Government have informed me officially of their desire to send special goodwill mission to British Malaya, Burma, India and Australia under the leadership of His Excellency Luang Dhamrong Navasvasti [3] (Minister of Justice) who will be accompanied by four other persons. Latter are: Colonel Commanding Anti-Aircraft Regiment of the Army [4], Naval Commander who is Acting Chief of the Signal Section of the Navy [5], and two civilians namely the head teacher, training division of the Ministry of Public Instruction [6] and an official from the Protocol Section of the Foreign Office. [7] The itinerary of the mission will be communicated to me shortly. Meanwhile the Thai Government inquires whether the proposed mission will be agreeable to the Government of the countries concerned.

2. This is excellent news for it means that the Thai Prime Minister [8] is fulfilling his promise made in response to my own suggestion that he should despatch a mission to British territory as a counter blast to the Thai Mission which has just left for Japan. In the circumstances, I trust earnestly that I may be authorized to inform the Thai Government on behalf of the Commonwealth Government as well as of the Government of India, Government of Burma and Malayan Government that the mission will be very welcome. At the present anxious time I can conceive of no better way of serving imperial interests in Thailand than by our allowing this mission to proceed as suggested and by extending to it an especially cordial reception.

3. Luang Dhamrong is an influential member of the Cabinet and is very [?well] disposed towards us. I consider his choice an admirable one.

4. There is talk of the mission setting out at the end of September. Time thus presses and I shall be grateful if the Governments concerned will inform me by telegram as soon as possible of their response to this friendly overture from the Thai Government. [9]


1 Dispatched 23 August. See file AA:A981, Thailand 33, i.

2 Dispatched 27 August. See file AA:A1608, J41/1/7, attachment.

3 Thamrong Nawasawat.

4 Colonel Luang Sinad Yodharak.

5 Commander Sangop Charunbara.

6 Mom Luang Manich Jumsai.

7 Mom Luang Pikthip Malakun.

8 Maj Gen Luang P. Pibulsonggram.

9 The Thai Goodwill Mission visited Australia between 7 and 26 November as guests of the Commonwealth Govt. They inspected military and industrial establishments, but there is no record of any substantial discussion on foreign policy. See files AA:A981, Thailand 24 and 29.

[AA:A981, THAILAND 29]