238 Mr John Curtin, Prime Minister, to Mr R. G. Casey, Minister to the United States

CANBERRA, 30 December 1941 Cablegram 168


Reference your 1228. [1]

1. This is the first occasion on which the possibility of such a declaration has been mentioned to this Government.

2. Dealing with the actual proposals:

(a) The declaration as drafted is assented to by us.

(b) Adherence of Russia is vital. For that reason, if necessary, the preamble should be made acceptable to that country.

(c) We feel that the order of signature should be alphabetical throughout.

(d) As India's status is not yet that of a self governing nation the inclusion of name might be questioned.

[AA:A1608, N41/1/1]

1 Document 236.

2 Inserted from the draft copy on file AA: A1608, N41/1/1.

[CURTIN] [2]