275 Department of External Affairs to Mr V. G. Bowden, Official Representative in Singapore

Cablegram 19 CANBERRA, 15 January 1942

Further your telegram 91. [1] Cabinet has approved admission for duration of war of token number of Chinese and Eurasian women and children and men of non-military age the numbers in the first place to include Chinese fifty souls Eurasians fifty souls.

Admission will be subject to their having sufficient funds on arrival to tide them over a period of two years and they will be admitted under certificates of exemption from provisions of Immigration Act for period twelve months in the first place.

Please inform Immigration Officer Singapore and request him quote against visas authority Interior No. 42/2/235 and furnish lists by airmail to Department Interior of persons granted visas under this authority. Regarding men, Immigration Officer should for present exercise discretionary authority only in favour men over sixty years, and refer other cases to. Department Interior giving ages and any special circumstances. Applications by persons between 18 and 45 inclusive should be refused without reference.

Separate advice has been telegraphed respecting alien European women and children. [2]

1 Dispatched 31 December (AA:A3830, 1942, 4) 2 See cablegram 14 of 15 January (AA:A3196, 1942, 0.1361).

[AA:A3831, 1942, 190]