326 Department of External Affairs to Mr V. G. Bowden, Official Representative in Singapore

Cablegram 87 CANBERRA, 11 February 1942


If worst comes, you and your staff are to insist on receiving full diplomatic immunities, privileges and courtesies. Status given you by Commonwealth Government and accepted by United Kingdom Government is diplomatic with designation of Official Representative.

Through Protecting Power we shall insist on you and your staff being included in any evacuation scheme agreed on with Japanese Government.

We are endeavouring to arrange such a scheme, but Australian officials still held in Japan, while Japanese officials remain in Australia. If necessary, show paraphrase (repeat paraphrase) of this to Japanese administration.

Acknowledge this. [1]

1 In cablegram 138 of 11 February (on file AA:A981, Australia 237B) Bowden replied: 'I and my staff greatly appreciate instructions and efforts you propose to make on our behalf.'