409 Mr John Curtin, Prime Minister, to Mr Winston Churchill, U.K. Prime Minister

Cablegram Johcu 25 [1] CANBERRA, n.d.


Your WINCH 11 [2] received. I am sensible of the compliment you are paying Mr. Casey [3] and Australians would be gratified. But he now has contacts in U.S.A. which make his presence there most valuable. I know that we are in agreement that British representation should be of the highest possible quality.

Replacement of Mr. Casey at this stage would be a matter of great difficulty for this Government. Moreover, even if of equal calibre, a new man would take some time to establish himself. All things considered, probably it would be in interests of us all if approach not made at this juncture [4]


1 Sent through the U.K. Dominions Office.

2 Document 406.

3 Minister to the United States.

4 This cablegram was originally drafted in slightly different form as part of cablegram Johcu 24 (Document 408). See copy on file AA:MP1217, BOX 474, Dr H. V. Evatt ... Visit to United Kingdom and U.S.A. 1942.

[PRO:DO 35/1009, i]