156 Evatt to Hodgson

Cablegram E6 WASHINGTON, 13 April 1943, 12.07 a.m.


Many thanks for your personal wire P.W.35. [1] Please convey the following message to the Prime Minister:

Begins. Had conference today with the President and urged strongly the need for rapid deliveries of aeroplanes and carrying out of promises without attaching conditions. Also introduced the question of substantial increase of R.A.A.F. strength. I found him moving towards greater recognition of the Pacific front. He said that your government had done a magnificent job. In addition, his attitude towards MacArthur seemed changed for the better. Nothing definite arranged as the President is leaving Washington at once for about ten days. Discussions will be with Hopkins, Chiefs of Staff and high ranking British officers both of the Services and departments. Ends.

Please tell Henderson of Sydney Morning Herald [2] that so far things are looking satisfactory though visit is overdue. Further, the only prominent pressman absent from the Embassy [3] Press Conference today was Rothman. I am anxious to co-operate with the Herald's representative here and I would be glad if appropriate direction or suggestion could be made by Henderson to Rothman. [4]

1 Dispatched 12 April. On file AA:A4764, 6. It conveyed family and political news to Evatt.

2 R. A. G. Henderson, General Manager of the Sydney Morning Herald.

3 The original was annotated 'group mutilated'.

4 Hodgson reported on 16 April that Henderson had informed him that A. D. Rothman had 'reported he was doing everything possible and had established close contact with Mission'. Henderson had emphasised that 'policy was to feature Mission'. See cablegram PW42 on file AA:A4764, 6.

[AA:A4764, 4]