174 Hodgson to Evatt (in Washington)

Cablegram PW74 CANBERRA, 6 May 1943


London Economic talks. Inter-departmental Committee [1] met yesterday afternoon and resulted practically in deadlock.

Professor Melville and myself in a minority strongly advocating line of policy indicated by you in personal telegrams to Prime Minister and myself. [2] McFarlane and I were then deputed to place position before Treasurer.

He strongly agreed your point of view about postponement but felt we could not press for shelving if United Kingdom and other Dominions intended to proceed. In the meantime, Canada has accepted.

As result of talk with Treasurer, telegram was drafted, which he is sending to you in his name. [3] I felt bound to show him the personal telegrams, setting out your views, as I am sure the Prime Minister would have closely consulted him about them had he been here. [4]

1 i.e. the Interdepartmental Committee on External Relations.

2 See Documents 169 and 172.

3 See Document 175.

4 See Document 175, paragraph 2.

[AA:A4764, 6]