191 Evatt to Curtin

Cablegram E81 WASHINGTON, 13 May 1943, 1.23 a.m.


I had a long conversation with the Prime Minister this evening at the White House. First of all he was greatly impressed with the general approach to the Russian-Polish situation contained in your telegram [1] which contains a very different approach to the problem from that in Bruce's original wire. [2] Churchill appeared to be desirous that we should offer to watch Polish interests with a view to carrying out the general objectives you mentioned. He said that this could only be done with the full consent of himself and the President. I am inclined to think this will be forthcoming but he will communicate again.

I also talked with him in a preliminary way regarding plans for expanding the R.A.A.F. As I told you this can hardly be achieved without the full support of both Churchill and Roosevelt. [3] I am hopeful of securing Churchill's support at any rate for a substantial part of the programme. They will obviously take some time to work out the position.


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3 See Evatt's cablegram E50 of 5 May to Curtin on file AA:A4764, 4.

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